Tuesday, October 7, 2008



To learn more about my wife, Nitaya, and I, and to learn more about my "First Book In Economics" go to http://www.polioudakis.com/

My energetic friend John (Gordon) Faughnan set up this website for me. Please visit his website as well.

As of October 2008, this site is about issues suggested by "First Book In Economics".

My first post is a breif explanation of the crisis of October 2008. The "average Joe", like me, is getting hit now by a lot of facts and odd theory, so I tried to relate a few obvious facts to some simple theory.

In the future, I might post thoughts about other economic topics or social topics, or post excerpts from my other writing. I will try not to be too self-indulgent.

Please be polite. If you want me to comment, please say so explicitly. If you do want me to comment, please first read any relevant material from by books (for which see my webe site), and please make it clear that you did read the material. I am happy to explain to the best of my ability, but I am not an expert except inasmuch as I used to read a lot. I do not intend to get into any arguments.

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